Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar Kuyili - the First Indian Princess to fight the British

Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar Kuyili Biography

Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar Kuyili was a female fighter who took up arms against the British East India Company in the eighteenth century.

It is absurd to assume that the real liberation is the liberation of the soil and the liberation of women and that we and the country are liberated without it.

Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar Kuyili - the First Indian Princess to fight the British - Biography
Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar Kuyili

We call a suicide bomber if he sacrifices his life to defeat enemies in the quest for the ideal, or to cause an uprising in a non-exploitative society.

Written history says that the beginning of suicide bombers was in the Second World War. The beginning of this is considered to be the suicide struggle of the Japanese soldiers in the submarine war between Germany and Japan.

But what we do not know is that 150 years before the outbreak of World War II, the first ‘suicide fighter’ emerged on the battlefield on Tamil soil against the British. Veeramangai Kuyili is the name of that militant hero.

In 1776, Velunacharya overthrew her husband, Muthu Vaduganatha, the king of Sivaganga Seema, in white resistance, and lived in hiding for eight years.

At that time Velunacharya was staying in a town called Virupatchi.

Veeramangai Kuyili. That's her name, Age eighteen. She values ​​her native soil and Veerathai Velu Nachiyar alive.

"Kuyili! Can you help me? ”
"Tell me, sir!"

“When you go to your hometown Pasangara, you have to send this letter to Mallarirayan, the house near Sivagangai Palace. Will you join us? ”
"OK." As such, Kuyili bought it.
At Night,
Kuyili. He took the knife in his hand and hurried to the statue's location.

The next minute there was a scream from the sculptor's hut. Everyone, including Velu Nachiyar, saw the body of the sculptor floating in a pool of blood, with a piercing hand in one hand and a letter with the letter on the other hand.

Veeramangai Kuyili ran over and he fell to his feet and cried. She held out the letter. Velunacharya's face throbbed with emotion as he read the letter. In the letter, Vetrivel Vathiyar had written some things about Velu Nachiyar to Mallarirayan.

Velunacharya was shocked to learn that Silambu Vathiyar, who was a believer, had a poisonous snake around his leg. He was amazed to see the courageous act of a woman because of her passion for herself and the country. Kuyili, who was seen as the tenth and eleventh in the crowd, has since become Queen Velunacharya's bodyguard.

Kuyili belongs to the genus Sambavar in the genus Periyar. A mob, citing this, sought to incite hatred against Kuyili. Velu Nacchiaro guarded Kuyiliwith his support arm like an iron fortress.

One day. Midnight.
Velu Nachiyar was fast asleep on the couch. Kuyili was walking around without falling asleep. She was awake when she heard footsteps outside. She disappeared and stood up. A figure jumped out of the window. As we looked around, Velunacharya's couch went slowly. Raising her hand,

Veeramangai Kuyili, who was hiding behind the knife to stab Velu Nachiyar, came running and grabbed the knife tightly with her hands. The figure blushed, and blood flowed profusely in the hands of Kuyili, who had been cut with a knife. Velu Nachiyar got upon hearing the noise. The man jumped out of the window and ran out of the window. Velunacharya held on to the enchanted Kuyili.

From the first Kuyili, Velunacharya's chest rose several times. Kuyili, who was a bodyguard, was made commander of the Women's Brigade.

Days passed. 8 years later the logistics needed for the war arrived. Twelve artillery pieces and hundreds of guns were handed over to Velu Nachiyar by Tipu Sultan. On the 5th day of the month of Ipasi in 1780, Velu Nachiyar's army marched from Virupachchi camp towards Sivagangai. Kuyili was coming majestically, leading the dressed women's force.

Mallari Ryan, who played a major role in the assassination of Muthuvaduganath, was the first to oppose Velunacharya's forces at Madurai Kochadai. Mallari Ryan was stabbed to death within an hour of the battle. The English general Joseph Sumit confronted Velunacharya's army at the Kalaiyar temple. There too the Tamil army hoisted the victory flag. The English forces retreated.

Velunacharya's forces entered Sivaganga with the slogan of victory. But that is where no one was in danger.

The tyrant who had killed Velu Nachiyar's husband by hiding his treachery had stopped a war veteran from the English general Panchor Kalaiyar temple to the Sivagangai palace. Everyone's hands were carrying guns. Artillery was also stationed around the palace. Thousands of guns and ammunition were stored in the palace warehouse.

What the heroes did feature in Velunacharya’s army was that the modern weapons of the British were the biggest challenge. Velunacharya, who had amassed a series of victories from Virupachchi, was afraid to think about what would happen if he lost the final battle. Don’t give up hope though.

At that time, an old woman was coming there.
She stumbled in the middle of the congregation, bowed to Velunacharya, and began to speak.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Navratri festival is now underway. Vijayadashami the next day. On that day, he was killed at the Rajarajeswari Amman Temple in Sivagangai Fort. It is only allowed for people to see this one morning, and only for women. Using this the women's force led by the queen would infiltrate the fort inside. What then? Victory is on our side. ”

To say she was out of breath, everyone's eyes widened in amazement.
The woman giggled when she saw the skeptical look of the big doctor. "Brandi is great medicine, do you know me now?" Cock put her hand on her head and pulled back the white hair. That hair came by hand. Kuyili smiled and stood up.

Yes, the fact that the queen's lifelong friend Kuyili went in disguise to spy on the Sivagangai fort came to light.

“What great medicine, is your suspicion over? Let our troops roar tomorrow, the roar of war this time, the roar of white slaves, the roar of liberation! ” Velunacharya left with the order.

As marked by the queen, the troops split into two factions, and the women's army, led by Queen Velunacharya, entered the city of Sivagangai, shouting and marching. They lined up with garlands in their hands to worship the goddess Satti.

Parangiyar did not know that there were a knife and a growth lurking inside the flower. Velunacharya also took off all his ornaments and entered the temple in disguise as an ordinary woman. After leaving the fort with her husband eight years ago, Velu Nachiyar was troubled for a moment, thinking that today she was alone in disguise. But in an instant, the commotion was over. "I will destroy my husband and get rid of the hypocrite who enslaved the country. I will sow the flame of liberation all over the country! ” The heroism of.

His eyes began to search every part of the castle. Since Vijayadasami, all the weapons were stored in the courtyard of the fort for worship. Only a few soldiers had weapons in their hands.

Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar Kuyili - the First Indian Princess to fight the British - Biography
Velu Nachiyar 2008 Stamp
Veeramangai Kuyili's eyes measured as the Queen measured the castle. When Nila saw the weapons piled up in the yard, a lightning thought appeared in her mind and disappeared.

But Kuyili, who knew that the idea would not be allowed to be implemented if it was told outside, slowly parted ways with Queen Velunacharya and joined the crowd.

At the same time, the puja at the fort was over. Everyone started to leave the fort. The public crowd slowly began to disperse. Velunacharya realized that this was the moment to start his war. His hand rose above the cock's head. As he worshiped Rajarajeswari in his mind, “Veeravel! Vetrivel !! " That celestial knelt.

The thunder roared through the palace. Upon hearing the Queen's voice, the women's force stormed in. Fresh flooding. Swords and swords appeared in the hands of women like magic.

The Sivaganga women's force cut off the whites by turning all their weapons into lightning. It was as if the Englishman Bonsor, who was standing upstairs watching the scene, had collapsed.

"Charge! .." Bansore cleared his throat, took the 2 pistols from his waist, and started firing. White soldiers began to run towards the pile of weapons.

Before Velu Nachiyar could go upstairs to catch Bansore, a woman with her body engulfed in flames shouted "Veeravel, Vetrivel" and jumped down to the armory as the universe screamed.

All the weapons in Nila's yard exploded and caught fire.
Pansor and his soldiers were disarmed and frightened when they saw the fire in the arsenal.

Pansor tried to escape. But Velunacharya's sword caught him. The commander surrendered. The fort came back into the hands of the Queen.

At the same time came the big drug success. Chinna Maruthu, who had conquered the Tirupati fort, also came with his troops. The slogan of victory sounded everywhere. But Velunacharya's eyes searched for his lifelong friend, Kuyili, the commander of the women's brigade that had contributed to this victory.

What became of Kuyili.

When the war began, Kuyili's mind was on the arsenal. Then she thought, “This is the final battle for our liberation. If we fail in this we will not be able to succeed no matter how many generations we take. I am going to illuminate the path to success. As she said that she poured ghee all over her body and flew towards the upper part of the palace with the burning band that was in the temple.

When she reached the palace appendage, she set herself on fire with a fireball and jumped into the pile of weapons. She sacrificed herself to disarm the whites and give victory to her leader.

Velunacharya's heroic eyes turned to a waterfall when he learned that Kuyili had sacrificed himself for the liberation of the nobleman Seema. A flood of tears soaked his body.

Was he the only one crying? Sivaganga cried for Kuyili. It was the sum total of the light shed by martyrs like Kuyili that led India to liberation. How many Kuyili that have fueled their own bodies have gone unnoticed?

Who proclaimed the heroism of the Tamils ​​to the world Of the Sambavar clan of the Paraiyar genus
 We bow to the heroic Kuyili….!

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