Why Aristophanes is Called - The Father of Comedy ( Biography )

Aristophanes - "The Father of Comedy" Biography and Life Story

Why Aristophanes is Called - "The Father of Comedy" ( Biography )

Who is Aristophanes first and background there's actually very little known about this clever play writer but he is one of the most inventively comic writers of his time.

What we do know though is that Aristophanes was born around 450 BC and his father's name is Philipose but we don't know much else about his family and it's believed that

Aristophanes was born in Athens Greece since so many of his plays were written about Athens like any other Greek person. he grew up believing that there were Greek got and he dedicated many of this place to the god Dionysus the god of wine and drama. we saw this in frogs you can also guess by he lived a privileged life because the quality of his work showed that he had a high level of education.

Which only the wealthy could actually afford. Aristophanes actually started his career at a young age of about eighteen and he had three sons who would all follow in his father's footsteps and become comedians.

Aristophanes grew up in a difficult time and although. he was an excellent writer he learned that his government kept switching between being a democracy versus an allegory. he also came around at the end of the Golden Age of Athens the two greatest writers Socrates in your biddies. actually died and this fading of the golden age is what led to many of ERISA veins place let's move on to the effect on theater.


Now his effect on theatres and most of his plays. Aristophanes used satire which is basically using humor ironing exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity. their vices or to talk about what goes on in politics and other issues basically we can say that this is a lot like Saturday nightlife Christine Daae.

Aristophanes started writing in the period of old comedy and he's one of the most important old comedy writers. old comedy used political and social satire it had dances songs skits extended comedian to make fun of these issues and a very important element was the fact. that there's something called the course, which was a group of people chanting as the narrator, and they actually kind of broke the fourth wall by asking the audience questions directly.

This was a very important feature to plays and old comedy another thing that sets it aside is that these characters are often gods or heroes when Athens lost the Peloponnesian War the old comedy era ended because the gods were no longer important.

Which brought forth new comedy it didn't use as much politics but rather talked by the average citizen's life instead to make comedies and they're no longer used the gods and heroes but instead, normal characters with normal lives and the chorus was a lot less important Aristophanes cleared the way for a middle and new comedy to emerge he's also a cunning writer who used witty dialogue puns and hilarious humor Aristophanes actually made up words when he couldn't find the right one to use.


Aristophanes Biography ( FAMOUS PLAYS )
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This is actually a picture of a vase. that had someone painted the character the actor who played Dionysus in the frogs so one of the plays clouds was written in 423 BC and it criticizes the way people were educated in ancient Athens.

It's basically making fun of Socrates's bird was running in 414 BC and it's a fantasy about this man named biscuit arias who is tired of seeing Athens go down so we asked the bird to help him make a new city in the clouds.

That's between the heavens and the earth Lysistrata was written in the 430 BC and it's one of his most famous plays because it's one of the few plays where a woman is a hero basically Sparta has started war on Athens again and everyone's basically tired of the war on both sides so an Athenian woman decides.

That rather than waiting for the mentis aside at all the women should go on strike and they did and the spying woman saw this and they did the same by having all. the women are on strike he-men stopped fighting and there's peace made between Sparta and Athens and then of course frogs.

Which has been into four or five BC which stars the god Dionysus, who is once again the god of charm and wine and he decided to bring Euripides back because he felt the quality of Greek tragedies were not what they once were but when goes there he learns. what it really means to have good plays.

He brings back a Chili's everybody's teacher and we see dynasty's change from the butt at the joke - who the God should be.


Well, Aristophanes actually wrote 40 play but of them, only 11 survived meaning those are the only ones that are completely intact the other 29 are actually in fragments.

I returned up by time, in fact, the very first place produced was the banqueters but that is only in fragments today the other surviving plays are the Babylonians our canyons Knights wasps peace women.

At Vespa fonio women at the Escalade SIA and wealth, Arista vein side soon after wealth is named the playing piece was basically about the Deepali pollution war going on and how Aristophanes ends the war.

In this play, one man decides to go up to moon limbus rest the gods about it but only her mace is there and tells him that the god war is moving in to mount Olympus and that the god piece was trapped in the cave so the guy I gathered people the free piece and he even joked that they would have come sooner but the Ephesian assembly kept voting against.

It which is another example of satire he actually did not produce his own plays in fact Aristophanes preferred just to write them and let someone else direct them.


Why Aristophanes is Called - "The Father of Comedy" ( Biography )
Aristophanes - the Father of Comedy

His death the legacy a wrist faints died about 385 BC in Athens Greece and his play survived are some of the only ones from his period of literature.

What's great about them at that they depict the past you can actually see what ancient Athens looks like through his scripts because it talks about the politics and the social life. that went on Aristophanes was also a great writer and that opened up many styles of writing for other writers.

I came up to him in fact he could help shape Roman comedy because of the way he wrote and the transitions that went from writing about the gods included the chorus to being about regular people and he inspired a new generation because he introduced the middle and the new comedy.

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